Terms & Conditions of the Service:

  1. This service is available for PSO Smart Fleet/Corporate/Commercial Cards only and not for old Magnetic-Strip based PSO Cards.
  2. PSO will not be responsible for any delay or unsuccessful delivery of any SMS/Email alerts for whatever reason.
  3. There will be no relaxation in PSO Cards Bill Payment in case the alerts are delayed or not received for whatever reason.
  4. Long names may appear truncated in SMS due to limitation of SMS length (e.g. Account Name, PSO Retail Outlet Name etc.)
  5. SMS/Email Alerts are for information purpose only and may not be used for reconciliation purpose.
  6. Ensuring integrity of ownership of the Mobile Phone Number(s) and/or Email Address (es) subscribed is the responsibility of the subscriber(s) and the authorized signatory of the account.
  7. In case of any dispute, cardholder should inform PSO Cards Division within 48 hours of receiving SMS/Email Alert.