About PSO Cards

PSO Cards started this revolutionary journey in 2002 and has been evolving ever since. Throughout this period our ultimate goal has remained unchanged: To facilitate our customers in the best possible way. And for achieving that very purpose, PSO Cards have made several advancements since their inception including the introduction of smart cards, web portal and mobile application.

Managing your fleet or personal vehicles has never been easier, with PSO smart cards; users can now track all fueling expenses and be in control of all consumption related choices like setting limits (quantity, product, amount, geographical location, days etc.) Along with the convenience, we are particular about the security & data privacy of our customers hence to ensure complete & secure Fuel Management Solution, we shifted towards Smart EMV compliant chip card. This offer another layer of security for Cardholders while performing transactions. These cards are not only powered by the security of the chip but also enable the customer to track the fueling expenditure contained in the embedded chip. The use of secure Smart Chip Technology, encryption, and other cryptography measures makes it extremely difficult for unauthorized users to access or use customer information. Since the data from the chip cannot be replicated in any manner, the Smart Card is the perfect solution for the corporate entity as well as the individuals.

From fueling your business operations and sales personnel to your own individual fueling needs, our product range has a solution to all your problems.

Business-To-Business Portfolio

  • Fleet Card: Post-paid, Vehicle specific card allowing you to keep a track on consumption of all vehicles in the fleet.
  • Corporate Card: Post-paid, Name specific card, perfect to give to your employees/sales team.
  • Commercial Cards: Post-paid cards with a separate GST invoice for tax rebate purposes for commercial entities.
  • B2B Reloadable Card: Prepaid cards for your fueling needs.


  • DIGICASH: Pakistan’s first, prepaid, reloadable fuel card that allows customers the freedom to load any amount and spend it as per their convenience. DIGICASH is complemented by a Fuelink mobile application that offers a whole new array of features and benefits to the customers.

We are here to ensure you have a safe, secure and seamless fueling experience. With PSO Cards, you are ready to go!