Frequently Asked Questions

What are PSO Smart Cards?

PSO Smart cards are chip based fuel cards designed to offer an added layer of security for cardholders while performing transactions. These cards are powered by the security of the chip and they enable organizations to track their fuelling expenditure with the help of the data embedded in the chip.

What are the benefits of using PSO Smart cards?

The transactions carried out through PSO Smart Cards are completely secure. The use of secure Smart Chip Technology makes it extremely difficult for unauthorized users to access or use customer information since the data residing in the chip cannot be replicated in any manner. The Corporate Card can conveniently be used for both fuelling and redemption. With the transition to the new chip-based format, a Corporate Cardholder does not need to utilize the Privilege Loyalty Card separately for redemption of points; the Loyalty feature is already embedded in the Corporate Card.

How do I activate my PSO fuel card?

Activations of all PSO Fuel Cards are done through PSO's Ta'aluq Care Line. Activations will be done after the submission of a written request by the authorized signatory of the account. The written request should be on the original letterhead and must have the signature of the authorized person along with the company's stamp, Card Number/s and name/s on the card to be activated. In case of individual accounts, the CNIC number of the Corporate Cardholder should be written on activation request.

How do I use the PSO fuel card?

Present your PSO Fuel Card to the pump attendant at the PSO forecourt. The attendant will dip the Card on the point-of sale terminal and the fuel amount will be deducted automatically from the balance available on the Card.

How can I inquire about my card balance?

You can call the Ta'aluq Care Line at 0800-03000 or ORIX Helpline at 111-657-657 24/7 to inquire about the balance remaining on your card.

What if my fuel card or a supplementary card is lost /stolen/ misplaced or damaged?

In the event that a card(s) is lost, stolen or misplaced, you must have the card inactivated immediately by calling PSO's Ta'aluq Care Line at 0800-03000 or the ORIX Helpline at 111-657-657. In order to obtain a replacement card, you will have to submit the Replacement Card Request at the PSO office.

How should I notify a change in my address?

In case of change in address, simply write us a letter signed and stamped by the authorized person of the account mentioning your new address. Also please specify which address will be changed: billing, mailing or both.

How do I pay my bills?

During the first week of every month, a computer-generated bill will be sent to you along with a self-addressed envelope. Deposit your payment(s) at the Cash Counter of the nearest Faysal Bank branch by filling a deposit slip or drop the payment instrument sealed in the self addressed envelope provided by PSO at the nearest Faysal Bank branch drop box. The PSO customer account number should be written on the back of the payment instrument in the latter option.

How is the loyalty points earned?

Whenever a transaction is made through the Corporate Card, the points are automatically awarded via the following award mechanism:

  • In order to earn points, a minimum purchase of Rs. 200/- is required on Premier XL, Hi-Octane, and Green XL Plus Diesel and Rs. 100/- is required on Lubricants and CNG.
  • Redemption will be done on a minimum of 400 points (Rs. 200/-) and a maximum of 10,000 points (Rs. 5,000/-) may be redeemed.
  • On spending Rs.100/- on Premier XL, Hi-Octane, Lubricant or CNG, you will earn 1 point.
  • On spending Rs. 200/- on Green XL Plus Diesel, you will earn 1 point.

How can I redeem the accumulated points?

The Loyalty feature is embedded in the PSO Corporate Card. Present your Corporate Card to the pump attendant for redemption at the PSO forecourt. The attendant will dip the Card on the point-of sale terminal and ask for the PIN code (the PIN code is mandatory for redemption). Desired points will be deducted from the available point balance on the card.

Can I exchange my reward points for cash?

Your accumulated reward points cannot be exchanged for cash.

Can I transfer my reward points to another PSO Loyalty Card?

Your accumulated reward points are non-transferable.

How can I know the loyalty point balance on my card?

You can call the Ta'aluq Care Line at 0800-03000 or ORIX Helpline at 111-657-657 24/7 to inquire about the point balance on your card.

If my PSO Loyalty Card PIN code gets lost/stolen, how do I get a replacement PIN Code?

In the event that the PIN Code is lost, stolen or misplaced, submit a Replacement PIN Form along with a Pay order or Demand draft worth Rs. 200/- in the name of PSO. The Replacement PIN Form maybe downloaded from the PSO website.

What is PSO's policy on unutilized cards?

PSO is authorized to take following action on un-utilized cards:

  • Permanently "Close" any card that has not been activated within three (3) months from the date of issuance.
  • Permanently "Close" any card that is active and has not been used within three (3) months of Activation.
  • A card will be marked "Lost" that has not been activated within seven (7) working days of temporary inactivation. In such case, no re-activation request would be entertained and a replacement card request would be required.

What if I can't find the answer to my question?

If you have a question that has not been answered by these FAQ, please call us on Ta'aluq Care Line 0800-03000 or write to us at

How do I get my card inactivated?

For temporary inactivation of your card, write an email mentioning the card number(s) to be inactivated and send it to or you can call at PSO's Ta'aluq Care Line at 0800-03000 or the ORIX Help-line at 111-657-657 for inactivation of card(s). Upon verification, you card(s) shall be temporary inactivated.

How do I get my card closed?

In order to get your card permanently closed, a letter from the authorized signatory is required on company official letter head along with the signature of authorized signatory.