About PSO Cards

Widely acclaimed for its innovation and technology-driven initiatives, Pakistan State Oil, the leader in the Oil Marketing Companies segment, embarked on a journey to revolutionize the concept of fueling through cards in the year 2002 with the introduction of 'PSO Cards'. In July 2002, a novel concept was introduced in the country to reward its customers for their loyalty and patronage towards the company through the 'PSO Loyalty Card'. After the successful launch of PSO Loyalty Cards, in February 2003 PSO launched its fuel-based credit cards for the business entities. The launch of the fuel-based Cards by PSO changed the dynamics of vehicle-fuelling to offer added flexibility, convenience and time-saving. The success story of PSO's Loyalty, Fleet & Corporate and Commercial Cards has been reinforced time and again by virtue of enriched customer experience and unprecedented customer-satisfaction.

PSO Smart Cards

In pursuit of its mission to continuously strive for improvement and excellence, PSO Cards has now launched the much needed ‘chip-based Smart Card’ format that is an upgraded technology offering numerous features as well as significant benefits. The launch is ‘yet another step’ in providing customers with a “complete and secure Fuel Management Solution” whereby the fleet owners can manage their fuel expenses with reliability convenience and ease.

The PSO Smart Card is designed to offer another layer of security for Cardholders while performing transactions. These cards are not only powered by the security of the chip but also enable an organization to track its fuelling expenditure contained in the embedded chip.

PSO Smart Cards facilitate the convenience and security of any transaction. Smart Cards use Secure Chip Technology which is designed with a host of features that help to ensure that customers experience hassle-free transactions.

The use of secure Smart Chip Technology, encryption and other cryptography measures, makes it extremely difficult for unauthorized users to access or use customer information since the data would now be residing in the chip which is embedded on the PSO Smart Card. Since the data from the chip cannot be replicated in any manner, the Smart Card is the perfect solution for the corporate entity as well as the customer.

Benefits of this new technology are:

  • Secured transactions
  • Economizing fuel expenses
  • Reduced administrative cost
  • Reduced risk of cash-handling
  • Selection of product according to business requirement